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Legacy of IoD&D Insider Article
The Scales of War Adventure Path: part 16
by Daniel Marthaler

In “Legacy of Io,” the characters seek out and recover an ominous artifact they hope will assist them in their struggle against the forces of the dark goddess Tiamat. Unlikely alliances are forged and the heroes find themselves in violent conflict with the good-aligned forces of the heavenly city of Hestavar as they storm through the peaceful planar metropolis in search of what might be the only way to thwart the seemingly unstoppable machinations of the Dragon Queen. “Legacy of Io” is an adventure for five 24th-level characters. This adventure follows “Grasp of the Mantled Citadel” in the Scales of War adventure path but can be adapted for use in any campaign.

And thus it was that the proud god Io, forefather of dragons, went forth alone to meet that formidable primordial known as the King of Terror. The confrontation raged fierce between the divine and the base for long days as grievous wounds were wrought by both upon the form of the other. It continued in such ferocity unabated until the vile King of Terror took up his crude axe and dealt to noble Io a fearsome blow that shattered his divine form, hewing the valiant god in twain.

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