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The Sunken Tower of the Marsh MysticD&D Insider Article
An Adventure for Characters of Levels 3-5
by Ray Franklin

Somewhere in the Great Swamp lies a crumbling tower, overgrown with creepers and slowly settling into the muck. People keep away from the tower, despite the rumors that it might be just the tip of an entire submerged city. The reason they keep away is the lizardfolk of the Snake-Eaters tribe, who are known to congregate there. The lizard-folk don't cause much trouble as long as folk stay out of their territory. At least, that's been the case until now, when they've resumed their old hostage-raiding ways. An adventure for characters of levels 3-5.

The top of an ancient tower juts out of the marsh. Despite the covering of moss and clinging vines, you can see that it tilts noticeably toward the west. Toppled battlements form heaps of rubble around the tower. A cavelike entrance in one such pile appears to offer ingress to the tower.

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    About the Author

    Ray Franklin lives in the zombie-infested suburbs of Atlanta with his wife, daughter, and two cats. He attributes his family’s survival to key skills learned from many years as a D&D player and his keen knowledge of the zombie mindset. When not preparing for his Friday night Dungeons & Dragons game, he can sometimes be found prowling the world of Eberron in D&D Online.

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