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Lord of the White FieldD&D Insider Article
An Adventure for Levels 6-8
by Daniel Marthaler

In “Lord of the White Field,” the characters navigate the ghoul-haunted ruins of the town of Hampstead while seeking answers to its sudden destruction and a means to prevent the terror from spreading. The harrowing journey tests their mental and spiritual endurance as much as their physical prowess as they traverse a landscape filled with the ravenous dead. "Lord of the White Field" is an adventure for characters of levels 6-8.

In this terrible place only the unquiet dead moved, cursed to an eternity of unspeakable hunger for the flesh of their fellows. Over it all rose a billowing cloud of pulverized bone that blotted out the burning sun and rained down on those below like some ghastly snow. This, then, is the realm known as the White Kingdom, fiefdom of Doresain, the Ghoul King, who is exarch to Orcus.

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    About the Author

    Daniel Marthaler is an avid gamer with soaring delusions of grandeur and dreams of breaking into the industry. Despite being 6' 3", he has a peculiar love of the wee races that populate the game, most notably gnomes and kobolds.

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