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Villains and Vendettas
by Jeff LaSala

The Fortress of Fading Dreams is more than a dreaded fixture on the mainland of the Lhazaar Principalities—more than a prison where explorers and lost hunters can meet a fate worse than death. It is a true bastion of evil and the launching point of schemes that threaten much more than the mortal lives it touches. It is unlikely that Shan Lian Doresh, the Lord of the Fading Dream, will open his gates and march out his soldiers in military force. With the force of his will and the assistance of his subjects, he can study the horrors dreamed up by mortals and turn them in revolt.

I have performed for the council of the Silver Tree, the Queen of Dusk, and all Seven Brothers of Night. I have recited epics for lordly centaurs and lady satyrs, cried eulogies for hags and sang dirges for cyclops in the realms below. But nothing would give me greater honor, esteemed sirs, than the opportunity to make sausage with your guts. Hah-HAH!

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    About the Author

    Jeff LaSala is a writer of speculative fiction and an artificer of RPGs. His Eberron novel, The Darkwood Mask, was nominated for the Scribe Award and showcases his love for all things dark, monstrous, and masked. Many of his ideas are drawn from the cthonic depths of New York City, where he (roll 1d4)... (1) Dwells with an Argentine mermaid—and even married her; (2) Masquerades as a normal person; (3) Imagines a world splintered into sorry hemispheres; (4) Lurks like a gargoyle over his website:

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