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The DreamheartD&D Insider Article
The Eye of the Eldest Aboleth
by Bruce R. Cordell

The Eldest is the first and oldest aboleth of Faerûn who seeped into the world before the war between the gods and primordials was concluded. The Eldest remained quiescent so long that its flesh became as stone and its mind slowed to the speed of a glacier. The Dreamheart is literally one of the Eldest’s many eyes, carved from its petrified flesh and transformed into a magic artifact of awesome power.

Raidon took two more steps, plunged his arm into the water, and came up with the Blade Cerulean. It was the only tool capable of destroying the relic. He whirled, charged, yelling “Release it!” “No,” replied Japheth. “I’ll not abandon Anusha so easily.” The great eye blinked. The darkness in the pupil’s center rushed out, seemed to billow and inflate the warlock’s cloak with a malign influence all its own. Japheth stepped backward into the darkness and was gone.

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    About the Author

    Bruce R. Cordell is an Origins and ENnie award-winning game designer whose long list of professional credits include the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Keep on the Shadowfell, Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons, and Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead. Bruce is also an author of Forgotten Realms novels, including Plague of Spells, the first book in the Abolethic Sovereignty series.

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