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Campaign Workbook: Kaius DantusD&D Insider Article
Necromancer of the Beyond
by Peter Schaefer

A master of death and undeath, Kaius Dantus chooses not to animate bones and flesh in the pursuit of worldly power. Cowing his enemies with decaying muscles pulling taut over bones that grow ever more fragile is frivolous and unworthy of his effort. Dantus considers himself an explorer in the realm of necromancy—an artist with the animus—and he has greater designs than marching an army of the slain across the mortal continents. He looks outside the world for his goals.

Every ten years, the people of Pinehaven make an offering of the decade’s accomplishments and achievements at the local shrine. This year has been the first time in living memory that Pinehaven’s guardian angel has not appeared to thank and acknowledge their efforts. When they begged help from a band of passing adventurers, those so-called heroes fled the shrine—all the terrified townsfolk could see was a dwindling portal, through which a dark-eyed, black-haloed angel stood over one of the routed party.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer lives on an invisible space station geostationary over Brazil. All his needs are met by cybernetically enhanced and programmed lemurs, who also perform routine maintenance on his home. When needs dictate that Peter participates in matters at work, he transfers his consciousness into his Earth-based clone for the duration, and later resynchronizes his two brains as he deactivates the clone. This process is entirely safe and allows him to work on as an RPG developer on books such as Adventurer’s Vault 2, Divine Power, and many D&D Insider articles. He made the vast fortune that allows him this lifestyle by repairing and restoring photostat machines and gramophones to museum quality for public and private interests.

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