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Explore Fairhaven: Villains and VagabondsD&D Insider Article
by Jeff LaSala

Fairhaven is a city of magic and royal intrigue, its glittering spires a symbol of the very heights of Aundairian power. Beneath the shining veneer, criminal lords prey upon the weak, and ancient forces of evil conspire with undying patience. Then there are those without an elaborate agenda, who are merely too selfserving or independent to align with schemes outside of their own. These are the survivalists of Fairhaven, itinerant rogues and knaves—wayward souls, perhaps not so unlike adventurers.

“Let the Queen and her royal hounds fix their eyes on Galifar’s vacant throne. Let them fret about the future. Long as they’re not looking down here where the real work’s done, we’ll all get along swimmingly. Down here, there’s those who rule the streets . . . and those who think they do.”

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    About the Author

    Jeff LaSala is a writer of speculative fiction and an artificer of RPGs. His Eberron novel, The Darkwood Mask, was nominated for the Scribe Award and showcases his love for all things dark, monstrous, and masked. Many of his ideas are drawn from the cthonic depths of New York City, where he (roll 1d4)... (1) Dwells with an Argentine mermaid—and even married her. (2) Masequerades as a normal person. (3) Imagines a world splintered into sorry hemispheres. (4) Lurks like a gargoyle over his website:

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