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The Bronzeknuckle BrothersD&D Insider Article
Campaign Workbook
by Stephen Radney-MacFarland

To most, the dwarven trio known as the Bronzeknuckle Brothers merely owns a number of successful foreign quarter businesses, including dice halls, breweries, warehouses, taverns, and a coalition of caravan companies that trade with far-flung dwarven halls. But these businesses are just a veneer for the Bronzeknuckles' true ventures: protection rackets, smuggling, illicit loans, graft, intimidation, and murder.

With a crack o’ bone and a widenin’ grin,
Obmi collects his stake in the inn.
Bones might mend and pride can heal,
But don’t renege on a Bronzeknuckle deal.

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    About the Author

    Born on a stormy Christmas day, in our nation’s capital, during the Nixon administration, the stars were definitely wrong when Stephen Radney-MacFarland came screaming into the world. Spending most of his impressionable years as a vagabond and ne’r-do-well, Stephen eventually settled in the Northwest to waste his life on roleplaying games. He teaches a class on roleplaying design for the Art Institute of Seattle, molding the minds of young and upcoming designers. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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