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Gregor's TangentD&D Insider Article
The Edge of Chaos Adventure
by Shawn Merwin

"Gregor's Tangent" is a D&D encounter for five 12th-level PCs. It is a continuation of the events from the Forgotten Realms novel The Edge of Chaos. You can run this as a one-shot encounter or weave it into your campaign as part of a longer adventure.

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Brother Gregor of Oghma is a not-altogether-unwilling prisoner in a tower, reachable only by specialized magic. In this tower, Gregor carries out alchemical experiments, searching for a cure to the ravages of the Spellplague’s blue fire. However, competing forces covet his knowledge and secrets, or else want him dead so no one else can possess them.

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    About the Author

    Greg is a lifelong gamer who has been writing adventures for the past half-dozen years. He received his first ENnie award last year, leaving only the Heisman Trophy and Nobel Prize on his list of lifetime goals. He considers himself to be well ahead of schedule.

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