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by Chris Sims

Aundair is a land of rolling plains and forests. Its people are earthy, idealistic, patriotic, and hungry for knowledge. Respect for arcane magic runs deep in them, and their nation produces some of the finest arcanists on the continent. In the intellectual and spiritual center of this diversity stands Fairhaven, capital of Aundair. Fairhaven is the center of Aundair, and due to many of the topics covered by this article, it fits well with any D&D setting that cleaves close to the game's core conceits.

A widespread sect of the Blood of Vol, the Cult of Life operates in secret within Fairhaven. Its members are skilled and ruthless individuals who work to take positions of power, whether mercantile, religious, or political. Seekers who serve the Cult of Life sometimes meet to practice the rites of their religion and trade secrets. Only the most powerful Seekers know the truth at the center of their religion, and many of them possess dark powers that allow them to steal life energy or kill from the shadows.

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    No one knows what Chris Sims actually is. He dwells in dark places and works words. His flesh is nearly as hard as granite, and he is immune to petrification. He has contributed to titles such as Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Monster Manual 2, and Eberron Campaign Guide, plus he has worked on D&D Insider articles too numerous to mention. He lairs with his wife in the Seattle exurb of Covington, where he keeps his treasure.

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