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Heart of the Forbidden ForgeD&D Insider Article
by Luke Johnson

"Heart of the Forbidden Forge" is set in the Eberron campaign setting. The PCs learn of a creation forge that was once buried and abandoned, but no longer. They'll need to fight their way through goblins, constructs, and undead, and contend with old traps before finally meeting the true power behind the forge. If the PCs have been through the events in "Seekers of the Ashen Crown," this adventure can be easily slotted after that one has concluded. The adventure works fine for other PCs as well, and it can be adapted easily to another campaign setting. For five 7th-level characters.

The Kech Shaarat goblins have numerous schemes to unite the Dhakaani clans under the Bladebearer banner. One such plan focused on beating the Wordbearer goblins to an artifact called the Ashen Crown. A group of adventurers defeated the goblins in this quest, but other missions are moving forward. One involves the capture of a destroyed creation forge and the forbidden creature within it. The Bladebearers have an unlikely ally in this goal: an eladrin artificer working for the Brelish government.

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    About the Author

    Luke Johnson starts medical school in August 2009, giving him precious little time to keep writing for the Dungeons & Dragons game. If you’d like to tell him what you think of "Heart of the Forbidden Forge," drop him a line at www. He dedicates this adventure to the lovely Lindsay, who will be his wife by the time it is published.

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