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Storm TowerD&D Insider Article
by Christopher Perkins

In early 2008, Wizards of the Coast teamed up with the mad geniuses of Penny Arcade to create a very special D&D 4th Edition podcast. Players included Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins of Penny Arcade and special guest star Scott Kurtz of PVP. Together they formed Acquisitions Incorporated, a party of adventurers in search of fame and fortune -- more fortune than fame, actually. The members of Acquisitions, Inc. -- Jim Darkmagic, Omin, and Binwin Bronzebottom -- teamed up again in December of 2008 for a sequel. Mike, Jerry, and Scott needed another fix. This time, we added actor Wil Wheaton to the mix, playing the party intern, an elf avenger named Aeofel. Storm Tower is an adventure for 3rd-level characters.

The fortified town of Fallcrest faces many threats, among them encroaching monsters from the borderlands, where civilization meets the harsh, untamed wilderness. Goblins and giants are of particular concern. To hold them back, the Lord Warden of Fallcrest ordered the reconstruction of a damaged tower that once kept watch over the Witchlight Fens to the south and the Ogrefist Hills to the west. He hired a team of dwarf stonemasons from the stronghold of Hammerfast and sent them to the tower. Nathan Faringray, a captain in the town militia, was assigned to protect them. A week ago, Faringray was summoned back to Fallcrest to help train new recruits for the town guard. He left his retinue at the tower and rode back to town, believing that the stonemasons were adequately protected. But he was wrong.

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    About the Author

    Chris Perkins is the D&D Creative Manager at Wizards of the Coast LLC, and this is his first contribution to Dungeon Magazine since "The Lich Queen's Beloved" in Issue #100. He would like to dedicate this adventure to Mike, Jerry, Scott, and Wil.

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