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Summer's EndD&D Insider Article
Dungeon Delve
by Bill Slavicsek

Dungeon Delve , releasing in February, 2009, features a number of delve-style adventures, familiar to those of you who have played a D&D event at a recent convention. If you're new to the delve or just want a sneak peek at what the book will hold, check out "Summer’s End," a delve adventure for characters of 18th level.

Jelendra, a tulani of summer, has gathered a small following of dark fey creatures to help her get revenge against the Highridge Arcane eladrin elders. When they had the nerve to question her interest (they called it "obsession") in the destructive power of the Wild Hunt, Jelendra flew into a rage and stormed out of the Highridge Arcane. Now, she controls a fane to an ancient spirit of the Wild Hunt.

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    About the Author

    Bill Slavicsek is the R&D Director for roleplaying games and book publishing at Wizards of the Coast, Inc. His design credits include d20 Modern, the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, the Eberron Campaign Setting, and Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies, among others.

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