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Windswept LordD&D Insider Article
Channel Divinity
By Chris Sims

Dwarves revere Moradin as their maker and liberator. He carved dwarves from stone and earth, forged their souls on his anvil, and imbued them with a love of clan, craft, and mine. But dwarves have been warriors since their earliest days, fighting to keep hearth and home safe and mines clear of danger. Kord is strength, fury, and steadfast courage. He is might used with skill and control. A battle cry given in a last, glorious charge is as much Kord’s roar as is a boom of thunder. To dwarves, Kord’s voice echoes in the smithy with each hammer fall. Kord is the father of battle, and for that, dwarves love him.

If you fall, you might meet a rover in the mists of the cold, lifeless crags. He’ll have a beard the color of snow and clothing of cave-bear fur. Mayhap he’ll wear armor of carved stone, and he’ll carry a mace and shield. No mountain gear will he have, nor water, nor food. He’ll look upon you with a smile in his eyes, though his mouth be set in grim resolve. When you meet him, fear not, for your worries are over. You look upon Kord on his way to visit the Stone Father in the halls of the celestial mountains, and you're already dead!

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    About the Author

    Chris Sims has played roleplaying games for 30 years, and he has helped produce games for nearly 10. Before he laired in the Seattle exurbs, he was an editor/designer at Wizards of the Coast. There, he worked on the Duel Masters, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering games. Now he blogs about the D&D game for critical-hits. com and is up to no good as a game-industry freelancer.

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