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The Circle of Smoke and WhispersD&D Insider Article
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By Daniel Jones

The ancient war between Bael Turath and Arkhosia touched on so many dramatic themes that it acquired legendary status almost immediately after its fateful last battles. As these two great empires fought to the death, they shaped culture and history for centuries to come. Some, however, believe that the true war never ended, and that the Arkhosian triumph was as fleeting as the empire’s short lifespan after it. Why would the devils make pacts with an empire only to watch it ultimately fall? The immortal races have time for patience, for scheming, and for countless misdirections. Underestimating them is never wise. The Circle of Smoke and Whispers discovered this fact firsthand and remains determined not to repeat the mistake.

For a decade, her secretive opponents assumed they’d dealt with Haziah and her efforts to bring their plots to light. Not all of Haziah’s allies had been killed, however. A ferocious dragonborn warden named Rhagash, longtime friend and confidante of the fallen druid, harbored thoughts of vengeance within his calculating breast. Having bitterly learned from Haziah’s forthrightness, he instead watched and planned throughout the long years. He carefully marshaled his resources, mustered what allies he could from among those he trusted, rigorously prepared his response, and then struck.

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