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The Call of the Feywild
By Logan Bonner

The crumbled libraries and expert scholars scattered around the world carry history’s songs and tales into the present, but nothing in the realms of humanity can match the deep traditions of art and lore that endure among the folk of the Feywild. Any bard wise enough to see the value of fey knowledge and brave enough to face the dangers of the Feywild seeks out ways to travel to the plane. By visiting the eladrin cities, carefully seeking out gnome warrens, or confronting the natural dangers of the elves’ woods, a wayfarer can hear chronicles never told by any denizen of the natural world.

While sylvan creatures voices roused
And light fell hazy through the boughs
My eyes grew weighty—full of dream
Weary now, my body lazed
Slumbered nigh to tree and stream.

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    About the Author

    Logan Bonner designed and edited 4th Edition products at Wizards of the Coast until 2009. He now lives in the Seattle area and works as a freelance game designer, writer, and editor.

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