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Familiar Power: SorcerersD&D Insider Article
New Tricks for Old Familiars
By Arthur Wright

The human sorcerer Magnus was a prominent disciple of the powerful elf wizard Cwell. A devotee of the arcane arts who believed that great untapped power lay within the bond between master and familiar, Cwell taught many apprentices, of many arcane backgrounds, his theories on accessing that power. Magnus was one of his earliest and most astute pupils. By the time Magnus joined with Cwell, he had already acquired his own familiar: a small tornado-like spirit of the air he called Grimble. Magnus was rarely seen without his companion, even before he sought out his wizard mentor. At that time, no one suspected that the two of them were fated to pass into wizard/familiar legend.

Harkr watched as the small vortex of air gave a high-pitched whine and darted in to distract the yuan-ti cultist. The scaled creature hissed in annoyance ... and then in sudden pain, as the point of Harkr's greatsword emerged from its chest. "Grimble! Back to me!" Shouted Magnus as he turned his attention to the remaining yuan-ti. The tiny tornado obliged the sorcerer, darting quickly back to his side.

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    About the Author

    Arthur Wright is a father of three living in upstate New York. A long time gamer and D&D player, he has played every incarnation of the D&D game. When he’s not playing games or spending time with his family, Arthur is pursuing his dreams of having a work related to the D&D game published, having a D&D book with "Arthur Wright" in the credits, and someday appearing on the show Survivor. One down, two to go.

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