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Shadow: Covenant AgentsD&D Insider Article
Power Play
By Matt James

Most religious organizations make use of covenant agents within their ranks. Because of the nature of the work, varying levels of secrecy are involved, not only about what covenant agents are up to but even whether they exist. Covenant agents swear a covenant to their god to do what needs to be done to protect the deity’s interests and further the deity’s agenda, regardless of who gets hurt. They undertake covert missions in the name of their deity, from deftly bypassing a rival church's defenses to smooth-talking a target before silently assassinating him. These experts in subterfuge are highly prized by those in a position of authority within relevant religious organizations.

Devotion to a deity requires sacrifice. For some, this comes in the form of a code of conduct, such as those followed by many paladins. For others, it involves spreading the word of the deity’s power—or wrath. And for others, it involves an even greater sacrifice. These individuals, to best advance the causes their patron espouses, are willing to give up a piece of themselves in a way few can fathom.

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