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Half-ElvesD&D Insider Article
Winning Races
By James Auwaerter

With their potentially broad range of abilities, half-elf adventurers remain a breed apart. All of them have a trick that they’ve picked up from another class, and many balance out their capabilities by multiclassing or hybrid classing. The most obvious examples of this predilection are half-elf bards, who can take on the role of nearly any class. The Combat Virtuoso feat allows them to take any power for their Dilettante racial trait and use it effectively, as well as make good use of the power swap multiclass feats. Other classes have a harder time taking advantage of a half-elf ’s bonuses to Charisma and Constitution, but many of them offer better options for multiclassing and also provide powers for use with Dilettante.

Lia assessed the battlefield as the fight raged around her. The magebred had pushed them hard and were trying to pin them against the walled ruins. She was out of healing infusions, and Graven looked tapped as well. They needed a chance to regroup.

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    Jim Auwaerter hails from a small village off the coast of the Lugotak Sea, far to the north of the Moonsea. Please feel free to give feedback to him on the Wizards Community forums or at Follow Jim online at

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