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Fighting Styles of the ValenarD&D Insider Article
Winning Races
By Craig Bishell

The thunder of charging hooves, the flash of whirling scimitar blades, and entreaties to emulate the deeds of revered ancestors are the sounds and images that spring to mind when one talks of the elves of Valenar. The martial traditions of the Valenar elves are founded on three pillars: mastery of curved blades, fighting from the back of specially bred horses, and upholding the honor of past heroes.

The history of the Valenar is one of warfare—the uprising against the giants of Xen’drik, clashes with the Dhakaani goblins when they arrived on Khorvaire, fighting for (and against) Cyre during the Last War, constant skirmishes with Karrnathi forces and the horrors of the Mournland since the end of the war. Even during times when they have no external threats against which to prove themselves, the warclans fight among themselves for honor and prestige.

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    About the Author

    Craig hails from the far-off land of kiwis, conchords, and large men dressed in black: New Zealand. Although he's been playing the Dungeons & Dragons game for a number of years, this marks only his second foray into writing content for the game (after contributing to The Liber Beastarius from Eden Studios). When he isn't writing or gaming, he spends his time watching rugby and cricket, the two most popular sports of his homeland.

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