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Item Focus Rituals
By Peter Schaefer

Most rituals are completely self-contained; they require components and a ritual caster. Some require a focus, but those can be reused. A third class of ritual, however, is tied intimately to the magical power of enchanted items. Using only the item as a focus and no components, a ritual caster can enact magic centered on the purpose or history of the item. This article presents 13 such rituals. Beyond the need for a specific focus, these are normal rituals. They must be mastered and kept in ritual books and can be scribed on ritual scrolls. Each magic item that is used as a focus for one of these rituals is in the Player’s Handbook.

Rituals are a source of flexible power in that they help those using them achieve lofty goals that force alone could not bring within their grasp. A ritual allows one to reshape the landscape, fly for hours, conceal the truth, hide items in a demiplane, and much more.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer wakes regularly from dreams of grotesque terrors so defiling of the mind and innocence that they deserve the real fear they cause while remaining wholly imaginary. Peter fought for his current job at Wizards of the Coast, where he works as an RPG developer on books such as Adventurer’s Vault 2, Divine Power, and many D&D Insider articles, so that he can prevent such thought-corrupting constructs of the id from entering the wider consciousness of the public. He replaces such ideas with functional rules and takes on the fantasy genre.

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