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Favored of MielikkiD&D Insider Article
Channel Divinity
By Matthew Sernett

Mielikki touches the heart of all who feel wonder in wilderness, but her favored domain is the woodlands of the world. If your character worships Mielikki, where did he or she gain an appreciation for the natural world? One way to make this decision is to select a forest in your character's home region. This article includes brief backgrounds for the major forests of the Realms with pointers for where to find more information about them, plus historical notes on the goddess and a new paragon path: Favored of Mielikki.

I rarely pray. I prefer to speak to my goddess through my daily actions, and through my honest emotions. I need not gloss over what has occurred with pretty words, twisting them to show myself most favorably. If Mielikki is with me, then she knows the truth, knows how I act and how I feel.

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    About the Authors

    Matt Sernett started with Wizards of the Coast in 2000 as an assistant editor for both Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Matt followed the magazines when they transferred to Paizo Publishing, eventually becoming Editor-in-Chief of Dragon. In 2004 Matt returned to Wizards of the Coast as a designer for D&D, changing title in 2007 when he became a creative designer for digital games at the company. Today Matt splits his time between design for D&D and doing world-building and writing flavor text for Magic: The Gathering.

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