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To Walk on Unseen PathsD&D Insider Article
Rangers and the Feywild
By Ari Marmell

Rangers who walk the Unseen Path are a peculiar sort. Something of the fey is about them, and they have a bond with the natural world that other rangers do not share. They frequently appear to see or hear what others do not, and they gaze at the world through faintly alien eyes. The Unseen Path seeks harmony between the Feywild and the natural world. Walkers of the Unseen Path often possess additional, instinctive goals that they do not entirely understand.

Warnings to remain clear of toadstool rings, to shun strange lights in the forest, and to avoid killing certain sorts of birds are more than rural superstition. In some regions they represent dangers as real as the weather or the predators of the wild, because here the influence of the Feywild seeps into the natural world. Where the trees grow thickest and the waters run deep, the realm of the fey casts its shadows into the realm of mortals, because nature becomes a doorway between them.

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    About the Author

    Ari Marmell was born in New York, moved to Houston when he was a year old, moved to Austin when he was 27, but has spent most of his life living in other worlds through a combination of writing and roleplaying games. He has been writing more or less constantly for the last dozen years, though he has only been paid for it the past five. He is the author of multiple roleplaying game supplements including work on Dungeons & Dragons. Ari lives in Austin with his wife George and two cats.

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