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The Secret Life of Familiars
By Arthur Wright

Centuries ago, an elf wizard by the name of Cwell created spells that she used in conjunction with her familiar, a dragonling named Cava. Enamored of her friend and companion, she recognized that the link between familiar and master was one that could be used in unique ways. She began work on a treatise that she never greatly publicized--it focused on spells and techniques that allowed arcane casters to tap new reservoirs of power through this connection to the familiar. In addition to her tome’s use as a spellbook, her work included notes and instructions on how to communicate and relate to a familiar on a different level than most wizards did at that time. Now her lost techniques are available again in the spells, magic items, feats, ritual, and new familiars featured here.

She leaned forward eagerly, and as she did, she saw that this tome was one of many similar books on the shelf near to hand. She righted the chair behind the desk, absently brushing the dust from it as she did so, her eyes never leaving the open page. And then she settled in. Ergo, his tail coiled about her neck comfortably, shifted slightly as the two of them bent their heads together over Cwell’s tome ...

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    About the Author

    Arthur Wright is a 37-year-old father of three living in upstate New York, and he is an avid gamer. When not playing Lord of the Rings Online, he is playing 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and spending time with his family. He loves reality TV and wants to someday appear on the show Survivor.

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