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Debut: Skill PowersD&D Insider Article
Player's Handbook 3 Debut Content!
By Mike Mearls and Robert J. Schwalb

This month's Player's Handbook 3 debut content introduces skill powers. These are utility powers that characters qualify for based not on their class but by virtue of their training in a particular skill. Skill powers are available to every character in the game, whether it's a fighter built using only the Player's Handbook or a genasi hybrid invoker/wizard using content from a wide range of resources. All of this content comes directly from the pages of next year's Player's Handbook 3, and you get to see it months before everyone else: just another of the great benefits of being a D&D Insider!

A skill power is a way for a player to make a skill important in whatever situation he wants. If you want your high Diplomacy character to feel like a charismatic leader in battle, just pick out a combat-useful Diplomacy power. With a skill power, you extend a skill into whatever situation that power applies to.

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    About the Authors

    Mike Mearls is the Lead Designer for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. His recent credits include H1: Keep on the Shadowfell and Player's Handbook 2.

    Robert J. Schwalb works as a freelance designer for Wizards of the Coast. His recent credits include Martial Power, Draconomicon, and the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide. Robert lives in Tennessee with his incredibly patient wife, Stacee, and his pride of fiendish werecats, but is happiest when chained to his desk, toiling for his dark masters in Seattle.

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