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Playtest: Martial Power 2D&D Insider Article
Richard Baker, Peter Lee, Robert J. Schwalb

By the time you see Martial Power 2 with a price tag on it in your local store, it will be crammed full of amazing new options for your martial characters. Before that happens, it will be put through a grueling stage of review, development, and -- most important of all -- playtesting. This article is your chance, as a D&D Insider subscriber, to offer feedback on eight new combat styles that will appear in Martial Power 2, scheduled for a 2010 release. Remember, this is rough content (as in, still in development, which means pre-editing).

You can email your playtest feedback to us directly at Be sure to include "Playtest: Primal Power" in the subject line of your email (we plug it in for you if you click the link).

No two warriors are exactly alike. Around the world schools of swordplay, tactical systems, martial philosophies, or simple local traditions provide many of a warrior’s basic strikes and parries. Collections of moves and attacks that work well slowly spread across the world, and become recognized as distinct schools, martial arts, or combat styles.

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