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Ecology of the DevaD&D Insider Article
by Chris Sims

New to 4th Edition courtesy of Player's Handbook 2, devas are intriguing. But even in a world frequently touched by the gods, devas remain rare, and most mortals will pass their lives away without ever seeing one. Devas have dedicated their many lives to championing the causes of good in the world. Now you can learn all about their history, origin, and what it's like to be reborn.

Most immortal beings are separate from the world. They live on another plane altogether, detached from the worldly concerns. Angels and devils, gods and exarchs pursue otherworldly agendas in the Astral Sea, often without concern for the world.

Not so with devas.

Devas are immortals who chose to join the world on its perilous journey. Although a few of these strange beings transcend the mortal plane, most are bound to whatever fate the world suffers. As a people, devas struggle to make sure that destiny is a positive one.

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    About the Author

    Chris Sims works as a game designer and web specialist for Wizards of the Coast. His recent credits include the 4th Edition Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide, as well as the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.

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