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Stillwater StationD&D Insider Article
Expeditionary Dispatches
by Glenn McDonald

A new Expeditionary Dispatch is here! Learn about a small community struggling to survive on the edge of the Mournland: Stillwater Station.

Since the arcane cataclysm known as Day of Mourning, the lands within the old nation of Cyre are among the most inhospitable in all Eberron. Shrouded in a perpetual dead-gray mist, the region is haunted by mutated monsters, sentient spells, and victims of the Last War who linger in the twilight between the living and the dead.

The Mournland, it's often said, is now quite literally a vast, open grave. The warm bodies of dead soldiers remain sprawled on the field of combat, refusing to decompose. Indeed, they occasionally rise to continue fighting a war that has long since ended. Plants and animals native to old Cyre have perished, or they have been twisted and mutated by arcane energy into foul perversions. Death holds dominion in the Mournland.

Yet even in this cursed and blasted land, at least one small community is tenaciously holding its ground.

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    About the Author

    Glenn McDonald is a freelance writer and game designer. He has been writing Eberron content for the D&D website and print for some time now, as well as writing as a freelancer for numerous other professional publications of all sorts.

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