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The ArtificerD&D Insider Article
Design & Development
By Stephen Schubert

The artificer has been part of the Eberron campaign setting since its launch five years ago. It is only right to have the artificer continue to be a cornerstone of Eberron in its newest edition. It's one of my favorite classes, and I have many fond memories of my artificer in James Wyatt's old 3rd Edition Eberron game laying waste with his bane-imbued crossbow.

Talking to Myself

For this round of Design & Development, I get to provide both voices, having been part of the design and development of the artificer class. The playtest version of the 4th Edition artificer was initially a product of the design of Logan Bonner, Mike Mearls, and Dave Noonan. I then took over during the design phase of the Eberron Player's Guide to complete the class and develop the class features. Then the entire class passed through the hands of the development team.

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    About the Author

    Stephen Schubert works for Wizards of the Coast as the lead developer for the Dungeons & Dragons game. He has provided development and design work for many 4th Edition D&D products, including the Monster Manual, Player’s Handbook 2, and Monster Manual 2.

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