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Fell TaintsD&D Insider Article
by N. Eric Heath

Mysterious and deadly, fell taints can add a new dimension to any adventure, and they make a great change of pace from the standard low-level fare of kobolds, skeletons, and giant rats. Yet in middle levels of the heroic tier they can still provide serious challenges for even seasoned adventurers. Learn all about these intriguing monsters in this month's installment of Creature Incarnations.

Fell taints are beautiful, translucent orbs of wispy tendrils that flow and writhe as if in winds that aren't there. They have a subtle iridescent glossy sheen and are about 2–3 feet in diameter. Adding to their strangeness is the fact that they don't make any noise. Frequently their victims scream in agony or whimper in despair, but the fell taints themselves are completely silent no matter what they are doing at any given moment. A fell taint's victim can feel a hit from the fell taint, but the fell taint's tendrils continue to twist and flow undisturbed.

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    About the Author

    N. Eric Heath has been making up stories, creatures, and worlds for decades. Though Eric keeps his stuff in Seattle, he is more likely to be found in various fantasy realms. His credits include Monster Manual II and the forthcoming Underdark supplement.

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