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Essentials AssassinD&D Insider Article
A Player's Essentials Playtest Class
By Rodney Thompson

The Assassin class is exclusive to D&D Insider. This time around, we bring you the revamped assassin in Dungeons & Dragons Essentials style. This version doesn’t replace the assassin from Dragon 379; it’s a different take on this iconic class with an Essentials approach. What we’re offering here is the playtest version of the assassin. You’re looking at something that’s still being worked on by our designers, developers, and editors. This article presents a complete assassin build—the executioner—from 1st to 30th level.

The hired killer is one of the most feared enemies to walk the streets of any society. While any mercenary can perform a paid killing in a dark alley, only the executioner assassin can make it mean something. For an executioner, the act of killing isn’t as important as the message it sends, and any assassination is a calculated event meant to accomplish some goal.

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