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Class Acts: RoguesD&D Insider Article
The Fraternal Order of the Inner Vault
By Derek Guder

Not every rogue skulks in the shadows, a dagger in one hand and a bag of ill-gotten treasure in the other. Some ply their skills openly as locksmiths, trapmakers and dungeon guides who take great pride in their work and feel no need to hide their talents behind deception. So it is with the Fraternal Order of the Inner Vault, a secular and honest guild of rogues who reject a brutal life in the shadows for one of honor and brotherhood under the light of the sun and civilization.

Their skill for security work (both in the crafting of locks and traps and in knowing how to break and bypass them) quickly won them many patrons among the wealthy and powerful who had a lot to lock up and protect (and, ironically, who disapproved so strongly of the mission’s philosophy). Similarly, the order’s skill and taste for adventure made them indispensable specialists for those who explore deep within the earth and hunt lost and fabled treasures.

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    About the Author

    Derek Guder lives in the Seattle area and works his days for Gen Con. He’s a hater and a fighter and speaks a unique dialect of English that sounds remarkably like a string of expletives to the untrained ear.

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