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Fallen Needle Itinerants
By Peter Schaefer

Not every person who spends time in spiritual contemplation has the leisure or fortune to study the nature of the universe in peace at a monastery. Those who travel the road frequently—or end up in danger constantly—might integrate the Fallen Needle practice into their fighting styles. Fallen Needle consists of a series of techniques that help a monk develop blinding-fast reactions that many claim are swifter than the bounce of a fallen needle.

Fat Aloisus teaches any he meets who have the skill and the will to learn. In like manner, those he teaches are instructed to pass on his training to those whom they meet. Whether they wander for love of maps and food, a search for truth, a lust for treasure or adventure, or a noble quest, their wandering is aided by the lessons they learn from other travelers.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer is an itinerant of sorts. He refuses to sleep in the same place more than once. He never takes the same route to work more than once. And he will not work as an RPG developer on such projects as Adventurer’s Vault 2, The Plane Below, Player’s Handbook 3, and numerous D&D Insider articles in the same spot more than once. This last habit really bothers the folk who must help him move his desk every morning.

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