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Scions of Onat
By Jared Glenn

In the ancient past, primal spirits permeated the region that now holds Onat, and a tribe of people contentedly lived in harmony with them. Although most of the old religion has fallen by the wayside, the oldest and noblest families of Onat have maintained tradition by founding an order known as the Scions of Onat. This elite guard stands sentinel over Onat vigilantly, but a single member never watches alone. In fact, each Scion of Onat is not one, but two watchers—a beast companion also stands guard with each Scion.

This land is sacred to the primal spirits, and though metal and stone now stand where tree and field once did, those spirits remain. They stand by us, as echoes of our own souls. Together we guard Onat.

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    About the Author

    Jared Glenn is a connoisseur of Dungeons & Dragons in general and 4th Edition in particular. A determined freelance writer, he has written and published two classes, The Explorer and The Jester, with Alluria Publishing. He also manages and produces a weekly D&D podcast, "The Power Source," on the d20 Radio Network. Jared lives in Utah with his wonderful family, where he writes by night and works in the Special Education Program by day.

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