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The Coterie of the All Spirit
By Craig A. Campbell

The Coterie of the All-Spirit is a loose organization of wardens who seek to better understand the source of their power by communing with the All-Spirit on a regular basis. Members of the Coterie of the All-Spirit hold three tenets of faith dear to their hearts. These tenets are referred to collectively as the Three-Fold Oath. To uphold their tenets, coterie members actively seek out intelligent denizens of the world who are in need of guidance so that they can bring understanding of the All-Spirit to them. As a result, they travel frequently and stay in one location only as long as they are needed.

Becoming a scion of the All-Spirit is a transformative experience that shapes you in myriad ways. You shrug off the seemingly inconsequential minutiae of your mortal existence in favor of embracing the greater spirit that subsumes all creation. Although you still exist in corporeal form, you develop a spiritual communion with the All-Spirit that reshapes your essence and combines your soul with the greatest primal spirit. You are a pure representative of the All-Spirit, seeking to protect the natural world by channeling the power you have been granted by the All-Spirit.

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    About the Author

    Craig Campbell was suckered into playing D&D in 1990 when some of his college friends told him he needed to get out less. In the time since, he’s devoured many sourcebooks, transforming himself into a zombielike creature that constantly seeks to tell amazing stories and eat the brains of his players. Hailing from northeastern Wisconsin (go Packers!), he currently lives in Marietta, Georgia with his all-consuming love of bad movies.

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