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By Jeff Morgenroth

All chaos sorcerers tap the Elemental Chaos for their power, but while most use that plane’s raw energy to unleash wildly devastating spells, others find subtler applications. For these sorcerers, the entropic forces leaking into the world are not manifested as destructive magic, but as the unseen antithesis of natural laws. They use it to defy probability and undermine reality with formless chaos, bending events to their whims with what appears to be exceedingly good luck.

Chaos sorcerers find ways to win against all odds. With reckless bravado they throw themselves into dangerous situations, trusting in one fortunate coincidence after the next. Many with this devil-may-care attitude find the life of a swashbuckling adventurer appealing, while others approach chaos as a calculated means to accomplish their goals. The greatest paragons of chaos manipulation are the luckbenders, who wander the world playing games against reality with a stacked deck, wagering their lives for glory and thrills.

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    About the Author

    Lurking in the outskirts of Seattle, Jeff Morgenroth has mastered fires of endless academia and the soulless drudgery of the skittering rat-race, at last making his pact with the baleful entities at Wizards of the Coast. He edited a portion of Monster Manual 2, and it is prophesized that his name will defile the pages of more books soon.

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