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Primal ItemsD&D Insider Article
Bazaar of the Bizarre
by Kolja Raven Liquette

Whether you're looking for a new magic item to give your character the flavor of the primal power source or a primal character looking for new item options, you'll find what you're looking for in the latest Bazaar of the Bizarre.

Some magic items inrpire you to keep them for the entire history of your character. It helps when they feature powers that remain relevant at every level. Some magic items are only useful during rare moments in a campaign narrative against specific creatures and obstacles. What to keep and what to convert into residuum are relevant questions that have a lot to do with the theme of your character.

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    About the Author

    Kolja Raven Liquette divides his professional time among writing for books, for the D&D game, and for film. Although Kolja has been known to perform on occasion, this happens more by accident than design.

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