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Land of Hard-Living Warriors
by Brian R. James

Situated along the southern shore of the Inner Sea, the nation of Chessenta has undergone quite a transformation over the last century. Once a land of feuding city-states vying for the favor of ancient god-kings, the nation today stands unified under its indomitable war hero, ready to face the challenges of a world turned upside down.

Unlike other pockets of Spellplague that distort terrain or bend natural laws, the Maw of the God Swallower is a growing cyst of utter annihilation. At its periphery, the sky darkens suddenly and the soil underfoot crumbles away to dust. Moving farther in, the scarred landscape falls away like a great penetrating wound carved into the soul of the world. At the heart of the void, suspended above the nothingness, hangs Entropy, the mere sight of which is said to shatter a mortal mind.

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    About the Author

    Brian R. James lives in the Seattle area with his wife, four children and house full of geek paraphernalia. His freelance design credits include The Grand History of the Realms, Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead, Dragon Magazine Annual, Underdark, and Demonomicon. Follow Brian online at or

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