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Return to the Nine HellsD&D Insider Article
Dragon Anniversary
By Ed Greenwood (foreword by Rich Baker)

In 1983, Ed Greenwood laid out the D&D game's first great vision for extraplanar adventure in a two-part article appearing in Dragon issues 75 and 76. Before “The Nine Hells” articles, all that we knew about Hell in the world of Dungeons & Dragons is that it had nine levels and was home to the race of devils (and a few stray lawful evil gods). But in Dragon 75, Ed Greenwood took us all on an unforgettable tour, filled with vistas of infernal grandeur and dozens of the most fully realized villains to be found anywhere in the multiverse. It all began with a wonderful full-page illustration of two heroes standing over the smoking corpse of a barbed devil, and perhaps the biggest, boldest, and most purely epic call to action ever written for a D&D game: I ride on the Hells tomorrow.

A devil . . . thought the adventurer. Now there is a fitting foe! Moreover, his lands would not be safe until it was no more, and so he set about tracking it.

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