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Knights of RethmilD&D Insider Article
Nerathi Legends
By Richard Baker

On the shore of the Sea of Dragons lies the ancient kingdom of Rethmil, the last free land in western Altara. Threatened by the relentless growth of the Iron Circle over the last twenty years, Rethmil stands fast against the servants of Asmodeus, and it is defended by the valiant Hyarthan Knights. These mighty swordmages serve as the elite warriors of the land, and they are sworn to a strict code of honor and unswerving loyalty to the magnate of Rethmil. Time and time again the Hyarthan Knights have blunted monstrous incursions from the lands of the Iron Circle, and they have ferreted out Iron Circle plots taking shape in Rethmil’s dark alleyways and jeweled palaces. As long as the Hyarthan Knights defend the throne of the magnate, the Iron Circle’s dominion remains incomplete.

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