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Shan Zi of Kara-TurD&D Insider Article
Class Acts: Runepriest
By Claudio Pozas

The lands of Kara-Tur hold wonders that include the Great Dragon Wall and the Impossible Palace of Silver Domes. They also hold mysteries, such as the Ruins of Nanayok and the Temple of Saigai. Yet no place in all of Kara-Tur is wondrous or mysterious enough to rival the cliffs of Tanghai, because this holy site is the living symbol of the Celestial Heaven’s existence.

The cliffs of Tanghai are great black basalt walls overlooking the mighty Hungtse River, which cuts through central Shou Lung. In ages past, red lightning sent from the Celestial Heaven inscribed three-foot-high words upon the cliffs’ rough surface, proclaiming the teachings of the Path of Enlightenment. For centuries, pilgrims, monks, and scholars have endured an arduous journey so that they can meditate within sight of the cliffs and study the intricate script that decorates the walls. Over time, monastic orders were formed to focus on the words inscribed by the Celestial Emperor. Travelers from other lands call anyone within these orders runepriests, and the natives of the lands of Kara-Tur call them shan zi, or the “words of lightning.”

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