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Secrets of the NinjaD&D Insider Article
Class Acts: Assassin
By Dave Chalker

Of all the warriors in the realm to draw steel in combat, the ninja is the most mysterious. The streets are full of whispered rumors about these silent spies and killers, who seem able to appear anywhere at any time. Some say that ninja can alter their appearances so skillfully that one of them can stand before a victim in the guise of a lifelong friend or trusted retainer, and awaken no suspicion; and that they can kill with a single sword stroke. Even mighty warlords in their castles are careful to never offend a ninja clan, lest their offending tongues be silenced swiftly and permanently.

These rumors only touch on the truth, though the ninja make no effort to correct any falsehoods. Indeed, the mysteries that surround the ninja are part of their power. The secret of how one comes to be a ninja is guarded so closely that any who discover it without the consent of a ninja clan find themselves hunted. This and other secrets of the ninja are revealed here once and for all, for those who wish to join their ranks and adventure in Kara-Tur.

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