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Artificers of the Realms
By Doug Hyatt

When the tsunamis from the Spellplague buried the island nation of Lantan, they destroyed one of the greatest technological civilizations the Realms had ever seen and dealt a crippling blow to the worshipers of Gond. The High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration, the seat of Gond’s power, crumbled into the sea, along with all the marvels of Lantan, such as flying machines, the printing press, and numerous clockwork creations. Although many have surmised that the citizens of Lantan must have foreseen the disaster and formulated some kind of escape plan, modern denizens of the Realms have yet to find any trace of these formidable artificers of days gone by.

In the wake of the Spellplague, Gond’s worshipers embraced an itinerant lifestyle, wandering from town to town, seeking employment as engineers, builders, and crafters. Architects designed and rebuilt temples in major cities such as Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep. Explorers combed the Realms in search of lost designs and inventions. Priests established a new network of information and resources. But perhaps the greatest change was experienced by the artificers of Gond.

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