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Kas and VecnaD&D Insider Article
History Check
By Ken Hart

Welcome to a new series that explores the rich history of the Dungeons & Dragons setting. Each installment of “History Check” will provide new insight into the game’s iconic heroes, villains, organizations, and events, untangling the contradictory threads of D&D history when possible. Throughout the text, sidebars will describe what an adventurer would know about the topic based on a successful skill check.

We appropriately begin with Vecna, the god of secrets, and the origin of his feud with Kas the Destroyer.

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    About the Author

    Ken Hart has worked on Goodman Games‘s Dungeon Crawl Classics and Etherscope. His recent contributions include “Faith and Heresy” in Dragon 397 and “Strange Gods” in Dragon 398. When not teaching his preschool daughter about gelatinous cubes, he blogs about gaming, pop culture, and Survivor at

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