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Heroes of Nature and LoreD&D Insider Article
Character Themes
Richard Baker

Developing your character into someone who has a rich story can be a fun and rewarding process. You likely have an idea of what race and what class you want to play, but you might have only a general idea of what your character’s life was like before you start playing the character at the gaming table. A theme can help you flesh out your character and provide some interesting options for developing his or her background.

This article discusses how to use character themes in both character creation and the makeup of a party, and it goes on to detail four character themes: the alchemist, the animal master, the order adept, and the wizard’s apprentice.

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    Richard Baker
    Rich joined TSR, Inc. in 1991 and began his career as a game designer working on 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons products. He moved to Seattle to continue with Wizards of the Coast when Wizards acquired TSR in 1997. He played a key part in the 3rd Edition D&D design team, then took over as the creative director for the Alternity science fiction roleplaying game and its settings. After that, he served as the creative director for the D&D Worlds group, and oversaw most of the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms line. Since 2003, Rich has worked as a designer, developer, and senior designer on a number of 3rd Edition and 4th Edition D&D products, plus the Axis & Allies Miniatures games. He is also a best-selling writer, and author of ten Forgotten Realms novels.
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