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Pax Prime 2012

The Future of D&D

Saturday, September 1st

Start: 1:00 PM (Pacific)
End: 2:00 PM (Pacific)
Location: Raven Theater

Hosts: Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, Rodney Thompson

The next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons is on its way! Join D&D Senior Manager Mike Mearls and others in a Q&A about the next iteration of D&D, and how the open playtest is using fan feedback to help shape the future of the game.

Ask The Dungeon Master

Friday, August 31st

Start: 4:30 PM (Pacific)
End: 5:30 PM (Pacific)
Location: Raven Theater

Hosts: Chris Perkins, Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, Rodney Thompson

Being a great Dungeon Master requires a variety of skills. Part referee, part storyteller, and part actor; the art of the Dungeon Master is in combining these talents to become a superhuman, D&D-propelling package. Join D&D staff members as they discuss various tips and tricks to bring the best adventure to your players, as well as ways to make them equal participants in the story. A Q&A session will follow the panel discussion.

The seminars can also be viewed at the D&D TwitchTV channel! Note, this is a different channel than the Live D&D Game, which will livestream on the official PAX channel.

Live D&D Game: Acquisitions Incorporated

Saturday, September 1st

Start: 3:30 PM (Pacific)
End: 5:30 PM (Pacific)
Location: The Main Theater

Acquisitions Inc. (Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, Wil Wheaton) along with Dungeon Master Chris Perkins play two hours of the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons. Come check out the next chapter in the saga of Jim Darkmagic and the Acquisition Inc. crew!

Please be advised: this live game may contain strong language. In fact, knowing the participants, it almost assuredly will contain strong language.

For those of you who watched the D&D Live Game (livestreamed on the Official Live Stream Channel of Penny Arcade Expo, we certainly hoped you enjoyed the experience! In the coming days, we will have an edited version of the game posted to the D&D YouTube channel (and embedded below).

In addition, you might also listen to the most recent Acquisitions Inc. podcasts:

Find more PAX Prime scheduling and events at our PAX Prime page.

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