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Tracy Hickman was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 26th, 1955. He graduated from Provo High School in 1974 where his major interests were in drama, music and Air Force JROTC. In 1975, Tracy began two years of service as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons). His initial posting was for six months in Hawaii before his visa was approved, and he moved on to his final calling in Indonesia. There, he served as a missionary in Surabaya, Djakarta, and the mountain city of Bandung before being released honorably in 1977. As a result, Tracy can still speak conversational Indonesian and occasionally bases his magical phrases on that language.

Tracy married his high school sweetheart, Laura Curtis, within four months of his return to the United States. They are the parents of four children: Angel, Curtis, Tasha and Jarod.

Tracy has worked as a supermarket stockboy, a movie projectionist, a theater manager, a glass worker, a television assistant director and a drill press operator in a genealogy center. It was in 1981 -- between jobs and wanting to buy shoes for his children -- that he approached TSR about buying two of his modules… and ended up with a job, instead. That job led to his association with Margaret Weis and their first publication together: Dragonlance Chronicles.

Since 1985 they have jointly authored over forty books -- a partnership that continues with their latest Dragonships series. Tracy’s first two solo novels, Requiem of Stars and The Immortals, were published in the spring of 1996. He also writes with his wife, Laura. Together they have written The Bronze Canticles trilogy, as well as several upcoming new novel projects.

Tracy remains highly active in his church and pursues a number of hobbies including guitar, singing, piano, models, Blu-ray movies (under protest), computer games, television production and animation. He loves to read biographies, histories and popular science books. Tracy currently resides in South Jordan, Utah.

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