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Douglas Niles has written more than thirty novels. He is best known as a fantasy author, but recently he has seen the publication of two major WW2 alternate history novels, Fox on the Rhine and Fox at the Front (co-authored with Michael Dobson). Released in hardcover by Forge, a division of TOR, "Fox" has been both a main selection of the Military Book Club and a Featured selection of the Science Fiction Book Club. They have been released in hardcover and paperback.

He has also written extensively for the shared worlds of TSR, Inc. (now Wizards of the Coast). In addition to Wizards' Conclave, his Dragonlance titles include The Icewall Trilogy (The Messenger, The Golden Orb, Winterheim), Emperor of Ansalon, The Dragons, The Puppet King, Fistandantilus Reborn, Flint the King (with Mary Kirchoff), and The Last Thane. He is one of the most prolific Dragonlance authors. Niles is also the author of the very first Forgotten Realms novel (Darkwalker on Moonshae) and in all contributed nine novels to the Forgotten Realms line.

Niles has created two dramatic and unique fantasy worlds in books published by Ace Fantasy. The Watershed Trilogy (A Breach in the Watershed, Darkenheight, The War of Three Waters) was completed in the late 1990s, and it features a continent divided by mountains into three distinct basins: watersheds of pure, normal water; of magical liquid (Aura); and of vile, poisonous Darkblood. Circle at Center, Worldfall, and The Goddess Worldweaver form the Seven Circles Trilogy, which details a cosmos in which historical characters from Earth can be drawn into the realms of magic, through sorcery both deadly and erotic.

Niles has also designed dozens of games for TSR, Inc. and SPI, including award-winning boardgames based on Tom Clancy's novels The Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising. He has developed miniatures rules for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game and has also created numerous historical military boardgames. One of these simulations, including the massive games European Theatre of Operations and Pacific Theatre of Operations, is the focus of a continuing group of enthusiastic players and has a website devoted to those fans and that gaming system.

A lifelong cheesehead and Green Bay Packer fan, Niles is a former teacher who left that profession only because he had a chance to make a living while playing at his twin hobbies of writing and gaming. He now lives in the countryside of Wisconsin with his wife Christine and his son David. (His daughter, Allison, is currently serving overseas as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.) When he is not writing, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, playing the guitar, and spending time in the company of his friends and family.

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