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Wallpaper: The Godborn

A t the crossroads of divine intrigue and mortal destiny, unlikely heroes unite to thwart the powers of shadow and hell, and the sundering of worlds is set on its course.

Bio: Vasen Cale

Vasen Cale was conceived in 1374 DR, to Varra and the shade assassin, Erevis Cale. When Shar’s servants loosed the Shadowstorm across Sembia, Vasen’s pregnant mother took transport in a caravan fleeing the darkness for the Dales. But she was never to reach her destination.

Thousands of undead prowled the Shadowstorm—wraiths, specters, unliving shadows—and dozens of them attacked the fleeing caravan. To save the others, Varra led the undead into a nearby wood. There, she encountered an avatar of the god Mask, who touched her gravid form and changed Vasen in the womb. Still fleeing the terrors of the Shadowstorm, Varra stumbled into a magical meadow where she hid herself and wished desperately to be somewhere else, somewhere safe.

The magic of the meadow granted her that wish. She and Vasen, possibly due to the machinations of Mask, were pushed forward in time almost seventy years. Decades after his conception, Vasen’s first cries bounced off the stone walls of the Abbey of the Rose, isolated deep in the Thunderpeaks, a place holy to the priests and warriors of Amaunator who lived there.

After his mother died, Vasen was taken in and raised by Derreg, a paladin in service to the Dawnfather. Derreg personally saw to Vasen’s martial training, drilling the young man from the earliest age. The boy took to it readily, becoming expert with sword and shield. Vasen also took to the teachings of the priests and paladins who served Amaunator. And so, despite the taint of his shadow-infused flesh and his affinity for darkness, Vasen became a dedicated servant of the Dawnfather, and in adulthood rose to the rank of First Blade, the leader of the Dawnswords—holy warriors who brave Sembia’s dark to lead pilgrims to and from the abbey.

In 1474, when The Godborn begins, Vasen is a bit over thirty years old, strong of arm and firm in his faith. He is self-sacrificing, loyal, and brave, but doomed by his shade-touched heritage to feel forever a lonely outsider. He is much harder on himself than he is on others, and feels as though his bloodline and training have prepared him for a great destiny, but he doesn’t know yet what that might be, or whether he is prepared for it. Ready or not, the events of The Godborn will bring him face to face with that destiny.

To further celebrate the Sundering and the release of The Godborn, we're pleased to offer the following wallpaper set:

The Godborn    
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