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City of Stormreach
4th Edition Conversion
By Craig Campbell

If you wish to add material from City of Stormreach into your 4th Edition campaign, this conversion will help -- including everything from Steppin’ Jaq, Lurking Two-Maws, and Old Silverclaws, to the Abyssal Kraken, Zlortharkis!

In the arena known as the Red Ring, a Valenar warrior leaps out of the way of a giant’s club. The elf came to Stormreach in search of his history—now he is forced to reenact it in this deadly contest.

In Falconer’s Spire, a Lyrandar lord studies maps and reports. He reaches out with his thoughts, feeling the paths of the storm and considering if he wants to hold back the tempest or welcome it in.

In the slum of Dannel’s Pride, a young man studies the scroll he’s been given, marveling at the destructive power bound within its words. For an instant he feels doubt. Then he hears the cries of a starving child and the curses of a crippled soldier, and he knows what he must do.

In a harbor alley, a merchant spits blood and teeth onto the ground. As the half-giant ruffian draws back for another blow, the wounded man sees a guard standing in the mouth of the alley, and for an instant hope surges through him. But the guard just laughs, and the merchant realizes . . . the guard is waiting for his cut.

Stormreach is far more than a gateway to Xen’drik. The history of the city stretches back across the Age of Giants to the dawn of Eberron. Modern Stormreach is built on the ruins of past civilizations, from giant to thri-kreen and even stranger things. Some remnants of these civilizations can be seen on the surface. Others lie hidden underground, from the sewers of the giants to entire sections of ancient cities preserved from the ravages of time.

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